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At 4REST, we’re committed to creating only the safest, most effective, and environmentally-friendly natural cosmetics

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Natural ingredients and recyclable packaging

By crafting beauty products that care for skin and fill it with health and strength, we make our customers’ lives better and infinitely more beautiful.

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4REST creates products that help take care of your skin, fill it with strength and health. Products that give pleasure with every touch, proving that the best cosmetics are natural, and love for yourself does not interfere with harmony with nature.



This mindfully crafted cream is the perfect complement to any anti-cellulite massage, body wrap, or any number of body sculpting procedures. Used during your treatment, the natural ingredients work in harmony to effectively smooth skin, reduce signs of cellulite, and contour the body. At home use of SLIMFOREST enhances and prolongs results for a firmed, lifted, and toned look.

How to use SLIMFOREST Balm (PDF)

Expert Opinion

Tiana Coleman
Los Angeles

I am a professional massage therapist and I am very pleased with the work with the SLIMFOREST balm. The active lotion ingredients easily overcome the epidermal cell membranes, penetrate adipocytes (fat cells) and realize their function there. The lotion precisely works where it is needed. The Slimforest differs not only in its unique composition, but also in the way it affects the skin: unlike competitors, the lotion has no immediate warming effect, that is, it does not act aggressively. Lymphatic drainage effect is achieved smoothly: the combination of active ingredients and essential oils creates the ICY/HOT effect, which reduces muscle hypertonicity and tissue congestion. Due to this careful effect on the body, the customer does not feel discomfort during the procedure. The warming effect is maintained for about an hour, which ensures a prolonged result.

My clients feel the result of the product after the first application: up to -1 inch body volume..

• restoring skin firmness and elasticity;
• detoxification and removal of excess fluid;
• reducing dimensions of problem areas;
• smoothing skin texture, significant reduction in cellulite;
• restoring and protecting the skin from aggressive environmental influences;
• moisturizing and collagen synthesis;
• persistent and prolonged effect.

The course (6-12 sessions) makes it possible to reduce problem areas up to -6 inch

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